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Personalised Large Oak Kitchen Cutting Board

Personalised Large Oak Kitchen Cutting Board

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Large Personalised Oak Cutting Board

Laser Engraved

Size 59cm long and 25cm wide.

An ideal gift for any occasion.

To personalise it, just hit the "Personalise it" button.


Caring for your Board.

As with all wooden products, do not soak in water, avoid direct contact with running water and do not put through the dishwasher - the dishwasher is certainly not your friend when it comes to any wooden product! We recommend using a warm soapy sponge or cloth to clean your board and wipe dry afterwards.

We recommend using the side that is not engraved for cutting - it won't do it any harm other than put knife marks on it and in all honesty we don't want you wrecking the look of our beautiful work :)

Like ourselves wooden boards can go through a dry and fuzzy stage especially after being used a lot. This is normal, so just get a little safe food oil and rub it into the board. A fine piece of sandpaper can be used to gently sand the board prior to oiling.


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